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What kind of hair products can be used to help grow hair fast?

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Question by Jevir R: What kind of hair products can be used to help grow hair fast?
I got a haircut today, and right now its shoulder length and seriously horrible. I don’t know how long it will grow in like 2-3 months!! If you can try telling me some hair products that can help grow my hair faster. Btw I’m asian so yeah just for anyone who asks whats my ethincity.

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Answer by Angela M
Take prenatal vitamins (the ones pregnant women take). They make your hair and nails stronger and grow faster and your skin clearer.. (That’s why pregnant women have that glow).

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Comments: 2

  1. Posted by BonnieJ 11 Dec 2012 at 10:20 am

    I swear by this product called Nioxin cleaners << shampoo and Nioxin scalp treatment<< conditioner it makes your head tingle,, its expensive for some people but it works and there is also a Nioxin scalp treatment.. i lost my hair to too many shots of cortizone and i kept losing hair like crazy,, i bought this and i got hair!! lol You can purchase it at the mall in different beauty shops I got mine at Trade Secrets i dont know if u have one in your area but u can always check online too,, It come in big bottles so its worth it! check out my pic and see my hair,,, it was up to my ears a year ago ,,,I use #3 because I color treat my hair but they have 1 & 2! take care and dont stop using them,, at least use them up to 6 months or so!! happy growing! bonnie j

  2. Posted by S R 11 Dec 2012 at 10:39 am

    Rub olive oil into the scalp and massage to promote hair growth or else massage the scalp with egg yolk, leave for 1 hour and wash. Try http://solutionsforhairgrowth.blogspot.com/ for more remedies and details.

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