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What is the best hair product that can I use to grow my hair?

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Question by Chantel: What is the best hair product that can I use to grow my hair?
I want my hair to grow long. What is the best hair care product?

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Answer by averageperson
There are a lot of products that can help your hair but it also depends on your hair and how YOU yourself aid it. I would recomend Dr.Miracles’ Products or Hydroveil.

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  1. Posted by Sasha 10 Dec 2012 at 1:40 pm

    I’ll give you a simple and very effective Russian advice! Wash the head with beer! I’m absolutely serious! It never hurts to hair, they look healthy, thick, strong, almost instantly!
    1) wet hair with water, then beer.
    2) Leave them for 15-30 minutes
    3) after a long wash head to your favorite shampoo that your hair smelled of flowers, not beer.

    Try at least once! I’m doing it so many times and my hair grows quickly, and the ends of my hair not whipped, though I often paint my hair.
    But this is just my opinion. I wish that your hair grew quickly and were beautiful!

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