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Q&A: What hair products should I use for curling hair and making it look natural and healthy?

Posted by: In: Hair Help 23 Nov 2012 Comments: 2 Tags: , , , , , , ,

Question by KissKass: What hair products should I use for curling hair and making it look natural and healthy?
I really like my hair curled, but my hair is always really straight and the curls always die after an hour.
What hair products should I buy to keep my curls in all day, but won’t make it look unnatural and unhealthy?
I’m also thinking about maybe getting a perm. What are the pros and cons of perms? Is it a good idea?

Best answer:

Answer by M S
My hair is thin and straight, and whenever I curl my hair it doesn’t last long. So what I use is this:

Freeze It Hairspray
It comes in a gold tin bottle
You can buy it at CVS
It’s pretty cheap
And it really freezes your hair
It works!

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Comments: 2

  1. Posted by 3sa 23 Nov 2012 at 1:51 pm

    i just got my long hair cut off and am going to do a large roller perm soon. i love perms when the hair is short, you do get some damage but i get regular trims (a must) and i use vitamin e on my hair to deep condition it and make it grow. dont message into scalp though. i use on fresh washed hair. its cheap and great. this is the second time this year that i have had my long hair in the middle of my back cut off. so go figure. and i take the vitamin e as a supplement

  2. Posted by brookey baby 23 Nov 2012 at 2:17 pm

    I have naturally curly hair and my advice is not to get a perm, becasue curly hair, despite the rumors, is hard to maintain. And most girls with strait hair hate there hair after its permed and end up straiting it everyday which is really bad for your hair..

    As for making your hair curly without looking unnatural theres not much you can do. If you want to try twisting small sections of wet hair up and then pinning them to your head thats worked for some of my friends but you have to sleep with your hair like this and when you wake up you have to still put product in your hair to make them stay…

    I hope a could help..

    PS. If you just want curled hair that lasts all day.. try using the same technique but with dry hair… Just use a curling iron and after curling a 2 by 2 inch section gather the warm curled hair into a ring (as if it had a roll in the middle) and then use booby pins to pin it to your head… do this all over and then allow your hair time to cool or set.. take pins out carefully and your curls will last alot longer.. i also think you should try a non sticky hair spray.

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