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How should i use vitamin E to promote my hair growth?

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Question by Cyndy: How should i use vitamin E to promote my hair growth?
I know that it does help with hair growth so should I take vitamin E pills or buy a hair product with basically all vitamin E that I massage in around my scalp? anymore tips would be helpful (:

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Answer by En
Biotin is excellent for hair skin and nails. I use it religiously for the past two years (5000mg). Keep in mind that it stimulates hair grown everywhere, not just on your head. I have never waxed so much, but it’s worth it. (Google Biotin)

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  1. Posted by Jude Saady 15 Dec 2012 at 7:05 am

    For best results, do both. Use hair products that include vitamin E, such as:

    Also, try eating food that include vitamin E, such as:

    Good luck with your hair-growing 🙂

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