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Any hair care products I should apply before blow dry?

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Question by Sally.C: Any hair care products I should apply before blow dry?
I blow dry my hair every day and I really don’t like the smell after my hair dried. Any good hair care products to keep my hair smells good and also prevent from heat damage? I’ve just done my straightening perm, so my hair is straight.

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Answer by moldycake
Damage Control by Aveda, awesome product.

I have my hair lifted every month for my highlights and color, and while its demi-color and less damaging, I still get crispy hair, and I cringe at the thought of doing more damage to it, even though I love flat ironing and curling and blow drying my hair. This product is my favorite for extra protection against heat.

So, to be honest, I am completely bias towards Aveda, my sister is a hair dresser and she works at an Aveda exclusive salon, which is how I fell in love with the products.

#1.It works . #2. Its effective and the company does amazing things for the environment. #3. Aveda smells amazing

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Comments: 2

  1. Posted by Ruzaan 21 Nov 2012 at 3:44 am

    Hey SALLY C!do you know about the product BOWSTRAIGHTNER…it gives your hair volume and smelling fabulouse or dark and lovely its realy out of this worldtry it it works

  2. Posted by xpinksparklesx1 21 Nov 2012 at 4:36 am

    tresemme mousse and root lifter spray. smells good, and affordable.

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